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Fall Ball Registration is Now Open!

AALL has been awarded the Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation - Sports Matter Equipment Grant!

This grant awards AALL with 10 equipment kits to distribute to families in need of a little extra help to make sure their baseball player has the equipment they need for a safe and successful little league season.

Each kit includes:

• Baseball glove & ball

• Batting helmet

• Pair of batting gloves

• Cinch bag

Thank you @The DICK'S Sporting Goods Foundation! Ensuring that players have the equipment they need helps AALL to continue providing the numerous benefits associated with youth sports at a time when our children and families need them the most.

If you know of a family who may be facing some challenges and purchasing equipment for a 2021 season presents a financial hardship, please consider nominating them to receive an equipment kit.

Nominate a family be emailing and include:

• Baseball player’s name

• Baseball player’s age

• Brief description of why you chose to nominate this family *

All nomination information is kept confidential*

Big thanks to Sara King for lending us her skills and taking the time to secure the grant.