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Fall Ball



8.19,23  We are excited for the 2023 Fall Ball Season! Managers will be reaching out to everyone that has registered with their team's practice schedule this week.

Game schedules are made by the district, not by AALL. As soon as we receive them from the district, we will send them out to the managers. 

Please get involved. Alpine American Little League is a volunteer organization and we will need your help. The board members who run the league are all volunteers working around the clock for your athlete/s. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram throughout the season for ways in which you can support your league. Thank you!

Fall Ball Information

Fall Ball is a very casual, one practice per week with games on Sundays season.  Little League Baseball is a volunteer organization, and we will absolutely need manager and coach volunteers. Click here to sign up to Manage a Fall Ball Team.
Fall Ball has been extremely popular for the past two years at Alpine American Little League. It has doubled in size from previous years. Please do not hesitiate to sign-up, as there will be a cut off date to register. The cut off date is August 4th. 
The cut off is in place so that we can make sure there aren't more player sign-ups then there are managers for each team. Also, AYSO Soccer has field priority, so fields are limited during the Fall. We need to make sure we have enough practice fields for each team/division. After August 4th, we will assess whether we can open back up registration and begin placing more players onto team's, or whether players  will be need to be placed onto a waiting list. 
  • Registration is for TBall, CAPS, Minor A, Minor B, Majors, and a Junior/Senior Team.
  • Practices begin the 3rd or 4th week of August. 
  • Games will begin on September 10th.  Games end TBD (approx. November 12th or 19th).
  • Games will be on Sundays. 
  • Games times are typically 12pm or 3pm, but can be subject to manager availability, and changed to an earlier time.
  • Practices will be one day per week between Monday and Friday. Your manager’s schedule along with practice field availability will determine your team’s practice day.
  • Registration is $80.
  • Registration includes a team jersey and hat. 
  • Players must reside or go to school wthin are bounderies to participate in Fall Ball. Here is a link to check if you are within our bounderies:


Fall Ball Manager Sign Ups

Fall Ball Manager Sign Ups